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Where do the products get processed and manufactured?

The honey is mixed and jarred in the Leduc Processing Plant located in Alberta. Some of the Tea’s ingredients are dehydrated in Leduc but the dry product is ground, put together and canned in a Health Canada certified kitchen in Red Deer.

How long does dry Masala Chai mix last in my cupboard?

It will last up to 3 years.

How long does Chai concentrate last in my fridge?

For approximately 2 weeks.

How long does the honey last in my cupboard?

Indefinitely, but we label it for 2 years.

What if I am lactose and gluten intolerant?

Our products are lactose and gluten free. If you can't digest milk easily, try adding almond milk or coconut milk.

What if I am choosing not to eat processed sugar?

You can sweeten our chai with honey.

What if the honey freezes in the winter or liquefies in the summer?

No harm is done to honey until 95F, it is at that point it no longer is unpasteurized. If the honey becomes liquid, it will be a bit darker in overall color and the spices may float to the top, in which case, you just stir it before you use it! And as far as freezing goes, it may just get a little creamier.

Why do we not use organic ingredients?

The warm countries where the spices are grown have different health standards than we do. Organic spice are very hard to guarantee.

What are the health benefits of our Chai products?

All of the spices are very good for digestion and immune systems, the black tea is a good antioxidant and the honey has miraculous healing powers.

How can I serve Masala Chai or Chai Hot Chocolate to a large crowd?

We use commercial carafes with glass liners. They keep the beverages the hottest for the longest. Any glass lined thermos is superior to steel for storing tea as the tannins in the tea react to the metal. I have also used a crock-pot on high with some success.

Is Masala Chai good on ice in the summertime?

YES! It makes a very smooth iced tea when served as a milky tea on ice.

Where does this honey come from?

We source our honey from a family farm called Nixon Honey Farms located near Innisfail, Alberta.

What other ways can I use Chai Honey besides making a regular tea into a Chai?

We use it in our oatmeal and rice puddings, candy nuts for a salad, use it as a substitute for sugar in baking and to sweeten and spice up warmed milk for a cozy bedtime drink, or in hot lemon water for an immune booster, in melted butter for Chai Kettle Corn and of course, just on toast! Recipes are on our website: thechaiwallahs.com/Recipes

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